Best Property Management System Kenya

Best Property Management System in Kenya

By Top Software Company in Kenya

We have developed one of the best Property Management Software in Kenya which is a web-based Rental Management system designed to help you take complete control of your real estate business. This is the best estate management system in kenya built for the current property market/business. Best rental houses management system means your clients can easily pay rent and other utility bills from the convenience of their mobile phones via M-Pesa and you’re able to monitor transaction on your mobile phone. We have built this  robust Real Estate Management Software for Your Business having the roles of Landlords, Agents & Service Providers in mind. 

Our solution is an Enterprise application that combines all the features necessary for successful property management business. At the same time, it is an All-In-One Solution for Hotels and Guest Houses. This property management system will help you automate tasks like room management to reporting, rent collection, tenant management etc. With  this property management software, you’ll digitize and  facilitate the operations and control of commercial or rental properties efficiently; a useful tool for property managers. This Rental management system in Kenya will help you keep records of the tenants, and their transactions real time.

Best Property Management System in Kenya

Rental Management System in Kenya

Well designed Rental Management Software in Kenya

Our 5+ years Of Quality Software development In Property management, Accounting & Human resource and payroll has made us come up with a powerful and all-in-one rental management system in Kenya. According to how you want it, we can add more feature to this property management system i.e accounting, human resource and payroll etc that that will help property managers, landlords streamline rental collection, lease management, facility management, accounting, payroll and human resource with superior efficiency and ease. This is what makes it the best estate management system in Kenya.


Best Rental Houses Management System

Real Estate Management System in Kenya

Stable, secure and faster real estate management software for you.

Our Real Estate Management System in Kenya Combines all the features needed for property management for big or small property agents and landlords, into one integrated system. This  Rental houses management system is a web based system with advanced features and an easy to use User Interface that facilitates the operations and control of commercial or rental properties. It’s scalable & customizable to fit what you envisage of a powerful real estate management system.




Best Rental Houses Management System

Beautifully designed rental management system in Kenya for real estate business

If you’re looking for Rental houses management system in Kenya, this is the right place for you. We have the best rental houses management system in Nairobi, Kenya. This Rental House Management System is a web based responsive application (can also be on premise) that help to manage your multiple Rental houses. It is the best application for managing multiple rental apartment, flat, building or any kind of real estate properties. This rental management system will help you to manage whole apartment at a click.

Benefits of our Estate Management system

The heart of this estate management system is the Rent Roll page, which allows you to enter tenant payments, email statements and documents, view tenant notes, tenant tracking, tenants relocation, bank deposit slips are only clicks away. Other key benefits include:

  • Receipting of tenant payments.
  • Invoice generation.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Maintain key property details.
  • Maintain a clear digital paper trail for compliance purposes.
  • Keep records of the property occupants.
  • Manage the booking and renting of rooms.
  • Managing tenancy agreements and leases.
  • etc

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