Document Management System

Document Management System

We bring you affordable document management platform that allows you to optimize your research by searching through documents using parameters, keywords, or content (full-text). The advantage of our Document Management System is its simplicity in both data entry and document retrieval.

Why you should automate document management

Today’s fast-paced digital environment will get your business left out from your competitors if you don’t adapt to technical innovations. According to, 21.3% of productivity is lost due to document challenges. Little things, such as finding it hard to locate or open a document, can lead to a big loss in productivity as it adds up in the long run.
Poor document storage takes an average of 18 minutes for retrieval which equates to losing 50% of time lost in just searching for a document. It has come to a point where implementing a DMS is no longer just a luxury, but an essential necessity for streamlining document-related business operations.

Why Document Management System;

What is document management software if it doesn’t streamline the way you manage all your documents. Having a DMS organizes your file easily using tags and labels. When looking for a specific file, you can easily search for it and filter the results. This cuts down the entire process from a couple of minutes (and sometimes, even hours) to a few seconds.

Documents must be protected at all times. With our Document Management System, you can grant users access and approve the actions they can do, such as viewing, editing, and sharing the document. Furthermore, you’ll know who viewed the document and who made all modifications in the file’s history. Documents are also protected from disasters, fires, and floods because they are safely stored in the system.

Going paperless is a greener option. Document Management System minimizes the waste of paper, ink, and multiple machines to print, scan, etc. Being environmentally responsible is becoming one of the vital focal points of many organizations and consumers lately. Hence, you can take part in raising awareness for reducing pollution and document wastes in your workspace.

Businesses are realizing that transferring some of their vital operations into a digital, automated system is a practical solution. One of these includes how they manage their documents. Paper-based files must be printed out and filed manually which is both time-consuming and costly. Retrieving them is also arduous. At the same time, digital files are difficult to manage, share, and archive without a central system. Engaging a document management software mitigates this problem. It’s even considered as a major development in the corporate world.

Features include;

  • Desktop Web Interface
  • Document Searching
  • Folder Searching
  • Saved Searched
  • Security and access control
  • Version control
  • Indexing and classification
  • Bulk upload
  • File synchronization
  • Audit trail

What to look for in the Software;

  1. Improved employee collaboration
  2. Expediting file retrieval
  3. Time and cost efficiency
  4. Central file repository
  5. Third-party software integrations
  6. Systematic organization
  7. Document sharing