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My Online Shop

Cheap ecommerce website developers agency in kenya

My Online Shop: top e commerce platform in Kenya

Best and most affordable way to have an eCommerce website in Kenya

My Online Shop comes with a whole bunch of latest eCommerce functionalities and a professional design that will give you the opportunity to reach out and offer your products and services to customers around Kenya and the world, regardless of the distance and time zone.

My Online Shop makes it even easier for the store owners to receive orders on phone through WhatsApp as well us upload products to their websites using their cell-phones. It’s bringing your business online but most importantly to your phone.

Start-Up Package

Ksh 499/month or Ksh 5500/Year.

When you post a product to the website, click to see how it auto-posts on your Facebook Page

Business Package

Ksh 899/month or Ksh 8,500/Year.

When you post a product to the website, click to see how it auto-posts on your Facebook Page

In addition to the Package you pick...

We offer the following for FREE.

  • FREE Hosting & Website Maintenance
  • SSL Certificate installation
  • 24/7 support
  • Website Customization (logo placement & colors)
  • Social Media Integration, 
  • Site deployment
  • Light speed website
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free guide into uploading your products
  • Free guide into managing your store
  • Free SEO guide
  • Permanent subscription to our insightful insights
  • Pay ONLY up-to 3 years for both packages.

Other services on order include;

  • Payment Integrations (for M-Pesa, Visa & MasterCard Card),
  • Personalized or more customizations

E-Commerce Digital Marketing

Irrespective of how beautiful and functional a website is, without visitors, it is useless.
Depending on a client’s business, here are some of the digital marketing channels we use:

Google Display Network, Google AdWords, Facebook/Instagram PPC Ads, Mobile Advertising, Web Retargeting Ads.

E-Commerce Managed Services

This is to keep clients’ online business running smoothly. Since we understand your website and its underlying infrastructure, our managed services will free up your resources and bring the maximum lifetime value to your eCommerce investment. They include;

Website Content Update, Graphic Design, Website Administration, Social Media Management, Email Marketing Management, Technical Support, Monthly report.

Integrated Essential Features

These are some important features for successful e-commerce websites. They are not exhaustive and your particular business may require unique requirements.

Multiple Payment Options, Delivery/Shipping Options Website Security, Appealing Website Design, Search Engine Friendly, User-friendly Navigation & Layout, Mobile Friendly (Responsive), Visitor Statistics.

Streamline Customer Interactions

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